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              Bolts, nuts, washers etc. are intermediate products which do not attract our attention, although we often come across them in various places in our daily life.      

            In the planet we live in, we use very limited number of connection elements and methods (such as chemicals, welding etc.) to put two separate parts together with respect to their places used and their importance. Among these, bolts are the most important connection elements.

For example, in the new roof systems which do not have any columns, the bolt and its quality is very important. Our engineers calculate the maximum weight which can be carried by a single bolt and determine the type of steel by engineering calculations require specialization and accuracy. Any deficiency in the quality of bolt can cost human life. We can increase such examples.   

The connections of natural gas and oil pipelines and even of the parts of a spacecraft launched to space or a satellite traveling among planets are performed by means of bolts and nuts. 

In 1991 a passenger plane with 89 passengers was endangered due to a dismounting of a tiny bolt on the front window. The pilot was flinged out through the broken window and hanged to the plane for hours. Incredibly, both the pilot and 89 passengers narrowly escaped death.

There are numerous types of bolts, nuts and other connection elements (washer, tie rod, etc.) which we can keep in our mind. In this wide range, our company is manufacturing hot pressed bolts commonly used in natural gas pipelines, train rails, thermal power plants, ships, iron and steel industries, shortly in the connections of high tonnage weights. Naturally, in order to meet all demands of our customers, we also supply bolts and other connection elements out of this range considering the quality factor.

If you wonder of why the “hot press” method is employed, because “hot press” keeps the feature of raw material of bolts and other connection elements desired and used in the manufacturing.  

As a simple example, we can strengthen this argument with a question like this: “Which is easier? To form a cold glass or a matter (glass paste)?  

In hot press manufacturing the molecules inside the steel used as raw material are heated up and the molecule feature is not deformed during shaping. Once the required shape is given, the strength of steel is increased by means of a chemical process called thermal process and the product which is at the desired level of strength is mounted to its place.

Because of the above mentioned process and reason, the bolts and other connection elements manufactured with “hot press” method preferred by engineers in the applications which entertains a high risk and includes high tonnage weights and blocks.   

Thereby roofs, facilities, constructions under which our wives and children safely make sports, reside and work, can be performed. We can reliably work and travel.

As for our company, our company is operative since 1994. The founders of our company are experienced and specialist persons in the subject of connection elements.

Selahattin ŞİŞMAN, who is the honorary president of our company and has a 45 years experience in manufacturing of hot pressed connection elements and properly followed the development of sector in our country, is our greatest symbol for trust and success.

As a result of the trust and cooperation that we established with our customers, being in mutual communication and exchanging the ideas with engineers during whether in project or in implementation has strengthen the reliance placed on our company and brought us to an important level in the sector.

Although we think that our customers appreciate us and that the references of our products are very trustworthy, to get the quality certificate and to adapt the contemporary conditions by developing our company is our most important target. Our studies relating to this subject is currently continuing and we are now in the process of certifying our experience and knowledge.

When we consider the history of the connection element sector;

In the industrialization process started after the War of Independence, the connection elements were imported from abroad, and then the state institutions started to manufacture their needs in their own bodies.

Since connection elements are intermediate goods, the sector is grown by a few leading companies. However in the last decade a decline in the quality has been seen as a result of growing import figures and abolishing of certain audits. Many institutions have suffered from this situation because of not emphasizing the quality of connection elements.

The examples mentioned before were not considered and the connection elements have been perceived as unimportant materials. This opinion caused problems in connections made and a reconnection is required before the desired time. This also led to time and property losses. The facility which should be renewed averagely in 10 years, due to use of cheap and poor quality products required to be renewed in 2 years.   

It is very important to remind that the connection elements currently used in Europe are of high quality categorized as 10.9.  





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